How to Become a Professional Gambler?

Watching movies like Casino Royale, Ocean’s Eleven, The Gambler, Mississippi Grind or 21, reading about the famous blackjack big winner stories like MIT Blackjack student team, or watching Daniel Negreanu, Justin Bonomo, Bryn Kenney, Vanessa Selbst, or Liv Boree taking insane amounts of cash in Poker matches you really start asking yourself – can I do the same?

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Taking the route of a professional gambler is a dream job for anyone who likes to have a flutter life. It actually IS a dream fun-and-games kind of job – once you become a professional. But before you climb that mountain, you will certainly go through some hardship. Following this path takes a huge dose of seriousness, dedication, and self-control added to the recipe. However, it’s not something impossible to accomplish. In the end, many now worldwide known gamblers started as regular people. They (usually) placed the first bet and lose. What made the difference is their dedication, passion, and willingness. 

Here are some tips you can take into consideration when wanting to become a professional casino player.

Rule no. 1 – Study, study, study, and study – You Must Be a Gambling Nerd 

Attend as many classes as possible. If you are interested in mastering one particular casino game then you can take courses in Poker or Blackjack for example. Try to look for classes from professional players, and be diligent to practically apply your knowledge as well. As professional poker players like Daniel Negreanu recommend – the ideal play/study ratio is around 80/20 for the optimum results. If you want to become a professional, it’s important to make time for mastering the skills.

Alternatively, you could stretch your knowledge even further and learn more about applied math, computer programming, body language, and human psychology, which will give you a significant edge over your opponents. You don’t have to be new Archimedes or Nikola Tesla (although it’s not forbidden to exert) to become a gambling master. What you DO need is dedicated learning, practice, and patience.

Rule no. 2 – Master the Important Skills 

There is more than luck to a standard casino game. Of course, you could rely only on your good fortune, but to become a SKILLED gambler and beat the odds you need to develop and brush up a handful of specific skills. The most important ones are:

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  • Concentration. With many games, concentration is the essential element. Just imagine finding yourself in a heated high-stake game of poker, and you face a concentration drop. This could really end up with you losing a huge amount of money. 
  • Stress management. As a newbie or someone who just reads about gambling, you probably saw stressed players on TV or in movies. But as a gambling expert, you surely went through many stressful games, especially if you played high-stakes or indulged in poker or slots tournaments. Even the simplest of games like Roulette or Slots can evoke huge amounts of stress within a person, especially if your bets are high. Therefore, it is important to know how to stay calm and collected to avoid unpleasant situations. 
  • Bankroll management. Connected to the aforementioned, having good bankroll management, aka knowing how much to invest, when to STOP, and how much to save for the future, is something smart gamblers truly understand. Gambling isn’t ‘all or nothing’. It actually includes a step-by-step calculated and organized approach. This way, you are in for mastery and development. 
  • Analytical skills and attention to detail. With the majority of games, your gambling ‘intuition’ will not always be enough to become a professional. You must LEARN how to successfully predict your opponents’ or the dealer’s hand, or in the case of slots and roulette, the way the machine shuffles. Developing analytical skills and paying attention to details is a key to developing good ‘intuition’ and reading abilities.
  • Patience and focus. A very closely connected to concentration, patience and focus are key elements for any kind of professional and personal development. As we already mentioned, on your path to the top you will most certainly have to go through some major lessons, so to say. But the hardship is the mother of many exquisite achievers. So, it is important that you stay focused and patient fighting all the disturbances.

Rule no. 3 – Prepare Yourself For Full Commitment 

Gambling is not a regular 9-5 job with monthly salary, yearly paid vacations, days off, free weekends, and regular step-by-step promotions (or demotions). Also, no one can fire you (they can only kick you out of the casino if you break their rules, if you know what we mean). In gambling, you are your own boss and employee. It depends on you, and you solely how good everything will play out, so you need to put in a great effort. 

You need to commit yourself to the game(s). No matter if you are choosing to play the best slots, or you are interested in sports betting, or you want to indulge in Poker, you need to commit. This means you will dedicate hours and hours to watching sports games and remembering the details about teams, players, or leagues, study slots bonuses and features, or learn everything you can about the best Poker hands and experts’ strategies. This can sometimes take full working days to accomplish, meaning you need to take it as a real job.

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Rule no. 4 – Choose the Right Game (or Games)

Yes, we would all love to just spin that wheel or pull the lever and win a Mega Moolah $10 million worth Jackpot. However, professional gambling is more than that. It truly goes beyond chance, and it usually revolves around the games of skill. However, let’s see what are the options to choose from: 

  • Poker. This one is a gamblers’ classic. It surely gave rise to many professional players who didn’t take bake after making some typical poker rookie mistakes and became real professionals whose names today we easily remember and worship. And it is also a top pick if you want to pursue a gambler career.
  • Chess. We bet you already know you can earn a great amount of money playing a game your grandad taught you when you were 5, but you were lazy to develop your skill further. But yes, you can actually play chess professionally and make a living out of it. However, be prepared for insanely smart competition. 
  • Blackjack. Becoming a professional in this game is not as easy as you may think, since the casinos know every existing trick by the book. The good trick for you, however, would be to get involved in the tournaments.  
  • Sports Betting. Sports betting is crazy popular. And when we say crazy we mean that billions of money around the world are being invested (and earned) this way. To become a professional, it will require you to be a true sports fan. 
  • Esports. This relatively new form of playing video games has taken the world by storm. It is threatening to even become more popular than some ‘real’ sports. And if you are not so good at playing video games you can at least bet on them, and, yes, make a living out of it. 
  • Slots. Although not a very common pick among professional gamblers, we’ve chosen to put slots on the list. We won’t beat around the bush, it truly is difficult to become a professional by playing slots, since the game revolves around random numbers and luck. However, learning about individual games’ features and bonuses can pay off in the long run.
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Rule no. 5 – Stay Emotionally Detached 

There are no enough times we can repeat this – detach yourself. Your betting decisions must be, and we repeat, must be based on hard, arctic cold logic. In professional gambling, there is no room for emotions, so make sure to follow your head and what knowledge tells you, not your heart. 

If we take Poker as an example, knowing how to bluff and keep calm during a difficult game is a key for you to end up as a winner. So firm emotional control is essential. Being closely tied to logic will save you from any unnecessary superstition – many gamblers easily fall for – and will help you know when to leave the table

To conclude

Becoming a professional gambler and making a lot of money out of it, is a true dream come true for many people on the planet. But to avoid some rookie mistakes that can cost you a lot of money, it is important to know how to prepare for pursuing this dream. 

To sum it up – you should study hard, master the important skills, prepare to fully commit, pick the right game, and stay emotionally detached. 

Good luck!