The Best Slots Games in the History of Online Casinos

Fruit Machine, Coin Machine, Pokies, Puggies, a One-Armed Bandit, many names for one game that has been A-1 since its very first appearance in 1891 in New York – slot. It was developed by Sittman and Pitt, and after all these years, it’s still managing to retain all of its essence – you put the money, pull the lever, and wait for the right symbols to align.

Slot Machines

With a very interesting history, it evolved from not having any kind of payout to providing massive Jackpot winnings. In the end, it became one of the most favorite casino games that make the majority of the profits. Let’s see how the game saw the light of the day in the digital realm as well.

1996 – It All Began With a Video Slot

Named ‘Reel ‘Em’, made, and developed by WMS Industries Inc. in 1996 the first video slot was born. It brought huge popularity to the industry so that slots contributed up to 70% of the casino income occupying the proportional amount of available space in casino halls.

It was also the first video slot with an additional screen for the bonus round, together with extra payouts, similar to what we see today playing online slots.

In the Meanwhile – The First Online Casino Appeared

In 1994, the Free Trade & Processing act passed by the government of Antigua and Barbuda. For the first time ever, this gave the nation the licenses for those who want to kick off the online casino. It was the same year when, far across the ocean, one of today’s most famous game providers was established – Microgaming. And the same year when they launched the very first online casino – The Gaming Club (actually a lot different from the real casinos we see today). And that’s how it all started.

Only a year after, in 1995, another big player appeared – CryptoLogic. What started as a real-money Internet transaction company appeared to be the last slice to the creation of real money online casinos. What consequently took place was the launch of InterCasino in 1996 – one of the oldest, yet still rolling online casinos on the market. 

In the end, 1998 came with a final punch – Microgaming released the Cash Splash, the first-ever Online Slot that also featured Progressive Jackpot. This is when things started to evolve at the speed of light. In the years that came, we saw a true ocean of novel games, with flashy graphics, modern design, and great functionality, some of them even managing to survive up to today, and all thanks to the great developers behind it. Let’s see some of the best Online Slot Games out there.

The Best Online Slots by Date of Release

  • Cash Splash by Microgaming (1998; 2004)

Currently, the game has two versions: one that premiered in 1998 as a first-ever online slot with a 3-reel single payline with cherries, 7’s, bars, and Progressive Jackpot. And another upgraded Cash Splash version developed in 2004 with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Everyone can indulge in both of them depending on the preferences. 

Ever since 2006, it definitely has been one of the top picks among the players. One of the reasons we particularly love it is that this classic is known for its massive payout possibilities as well as it’s a usual guest at the online slot tournaments. This implies enormous winning opportunities.

  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt (2011) 

This is the game that will take you on a true El Dorado-type adventure in the middle of South American jungles. With its great features, multipliers, and bonuses the game grants some lucrative winnings.

Gonzo's Quest
  • Starburst by NetEnt (2012) 

If you are wondering what game has been dominating the scene from the first day it rolled out, it’s Starburst. As a high-paced slot with 3 rows, 5-reels, and many features that keep players engaged and focused, the game is very exciting. We often choose it when we want to have some extra fun (and, of course, win some big cash!).

  • Terminator II by Microgaming  (2014) 

Playing it, you’ll see many ‘Arnolds Schwarzeneggers’! This slot assimilates many details from the movie leading you all the way down to the Terminator’s universe. You have 50 paylines, 3 rows, 5-reels, plus Hot Mode. Match 3+ symbols, and you’ll be the one saying ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’.

  • Game of Thrones by Microgaming (2014)

Named after the series that ignited the audience in 2011, Microgaming’s slot was released in 2014. Just like you entered the realms of Essos and Westeros, you are in for a big fight against evil. To see winnings, you need to see crests of the houses aligned. As real GOT geeks, and big fans of John Snow, Mother of Dragons, and the Kingdom of the North we warmly recommend this game. It’s a true masterpiece.

  • Family Guy Online Slot by IGT (2015) 

With Family Guy, you are in for a very ‘hot’ gameplay. Expect to see everyone from the popular show, together with randomly started features based on 4 main characters – Lois, Stewie, Peter, or Brian. Many players cite the game as a great source of laughter.

Family Guy
  • Motörhead Slot by NetEnt (2016) 

Together with Guns’n’Roses, this belongs to a NetEnt’s rock trilogy. And who doesn’t like cherries, stars, and horseshoes dancing around in rows while Lemmy, followed by famous riffs, screams in victory when your symbols align?

  • Guns and Roses Slot by NetEnt (2018) 

This is another piece of art launched by the same provider. And yes, you will see Slash and Axl Rose, and also hear the sounds of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ energizing music hit. Pretty amazing! 

  • Divine Fortune by NetEnt (2018) 

Last but not least, aside from its calming music and wonderful design, Divine Fortune was an award winner for the best Slot game in 2020 at Las Vegas Global Gaming Awards.

These are the games we singled out as the best and most popular choices among players by chronological appearance, and we love them all. We saw that they come in great variability and with amazing details. And what is more, aside from their standard versions, now you can even find live online slots as a great asset that mimics the full land-based experience. 

We can only imagine what kind of future lays ahead. Enjoy!