Guide to Real Money Online Casinos by Best Odds Slots

Whether you are a first-time player ready to enter the circle of passionate players of real money online games, or already have your own list of the most favorite online casino games, there are certain tips every casino player could make good use of. Our team of dedicated experts has covered for you all of the essentials needed for a good game, Best Odds Slots is just the right place to find out everything about Real Money Online Casinos.

All about Online Real Money Casinos

What is a Real Money Casino?

A Real Money Casino is not so different from land-based ones. If you want to gamble for real money online, all you should do is create an account, claim your welcome bonus, and make your first real money deposit using an approved banking method. 

What is the difference between social network casinos and real money casinos?

The main difference between real money and social casinos is in the possibility of turning your winnings into cash. What does it mean? It’s simple. If you want to play in a real money casino, you need to pay for it. But once you start playing, you have the chance to win back the means you invested. When you are playing in a social casino, it doesn’t matter if you are winning or losing because there’s no option of winning back your money. Social casino games are just for fun. 

Credit Card for Real Money Casinos

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Real Money Casino Games?


  • Rewards are one of the most significant advantages of Real Money Casino Games. If you are good at the game, you can instantly win real money. Also, even if you lose, but you play frequently, you earn points in the casino, and you may become a member of its loyalty club. 
  • It’s fun! Playing for real money is more interesting than playing for free. Players are more focused and feel the adrenaline, especially when it is a matter of winning or losing the game. 
  • The selection of games is another advantage. If you are playing for real money,  you get access to a wide range of games, including the most popular and most recent. That’s not the case when you are playing for free. 
  • There’s even an option of participating in competitions and tournaments. You can play with other players online and win rewards. 


  • As long as you can control yourself, and learn how to play responsibly, there’s no danger of facing the disadvantages of playing online. Therefore, be careful to read the tips on responsible gambling, because there’s always a risk of developing an addiction
  • If you are not good at games, or you are out of luck, you are at risk of losing money. But you can always learn how to manage your bankroll and to prepare your budget in advance.

Technical Details About Real Money Casinos

What are the Best Real Money Casino providers?

Every successful online casino owner is aware of the importance of having feature-rich online casino software. An ultra-modern software offers a captivating gaming experience to players and increases their retention rate on the platform. 

If you want to be sure about your choice of the online casino platform, make sure to check its expertise, available games, technical proficiency, features it offers, security and reliability. The top five online casino software providers are Playtech, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and BetSoft.

Can you play Real Money Games on your mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, you can play Real Money Games on your mobile phone or tablet. 

Are there Real Money Casino apps?

Yes, there are, but you must search for the specific app store for each device you use. Smartphone app stores, followed by tablets, have the largest selection of casino game apps.

Can I use the same account for different devices?

The answer is confirmatory. The same account can be used no matter the device – from your computer, mobile phone, to tablet, you only need to make an account once. And the important part is that the money balance is updating on each device according to the player’s wins and losses.

Real Money Online Casino Information for Newcomers

What games can you play at Real Money Online Casino? 

  • Real money slots are appealing because playing them doesn’t require any particular skill. All you should do is to load up the game, set the bet level, and you can start spinning the reels. Online slots work the same as video slots in traditional casinos. Beginners are advised to start with penny slots first. 
  • Real money blackjack is a game you play directly against the house. By using random number generators, the house determines the value of each card. This system gives you more control of the game, enabling you to choose how quickly or slowly you’ll play.
  • Real Money Poker sites offer many poker variants. The only thing that makes them different from playing in-person or Live Poker is that with real money online versions it takes a little time to get used to not seeing other players, but skilled and disciplined ones can still make a significant amount of money this way. . 
  • Real money roulette is another game in which players control the game’s speed using their own wheels powered by random number generators. Many variants are available online, but most players pick French or European roulette.
Real Money Online Casino Games

Can I try out real money casino games for free?

The great thing about online casinos is that every reputable casino will offer you their games for free. That way, you can see how the system functions and what your chances of winning are before you start the game. 

Can you play Real Money Live Dealer Games?

Yes. Live casinos have caused a revolution in the online gambling industry, making it possible to play Real Money Casino Games via a live video feed.

How Does the Payment Work at Online Real Money Casinos?

Friendly tip: don’t miss the bonuses Real Money Casinos offer. What are their types?

  • No deposit bonus

Some online casinos offer smaller bonuses to get a player started without having to deposit. These bonuses are especially appealing because they are risk-free – you can play the games for free without risking losing any money. 

  • Deposit bonus

It is the most valuable type of bonus. A deposit bonus is also called a match bonus. It means an online casino will match a certain percentage of a player’s deposit up to a maximum bonus value. 

  • Cashback bonus

Some online casinos offer a rebate (5-25%) on any losses players might have.

  • Free spin bonus

Unique to slots players, this bonus can be quite valuable. It is usually offered to newcomers as part of a welcome bonus or as a promotion to existing members. 

  • Freeroll bonus

Unique to online poker rooms, freeroll bonuses refer to special free-to-enter tournaments, paying real-money prizes. Some online casinos give these bonuses as part of welcome bonuses or as a promotion for existing members. 

  • Free bet bonus

It is a specific bonus, unique for sports betting sites. Players can get it once they sign up to the website. Free bet bonuses usually must be placed on a particular event or sport. 

How to Deposit Money and what banking methods to use?

Online casinos offer a multitude of different deposit methods. Both credit and debit cards are popular methods of depositing at online casinos. Visa is the most popular type of card to use at online casinos. Players also use MasterCard and American Express. 

E-wallets, such as PayPal, EcoCard, and Neteller, are quite popular payment methods. They are considered the fastest so that the withdrawals and deposits are possible within the same day. Some casinos also allow Wire Transfer and eCheck as deposit methods. 

Is it possible to pay in different currencies?

Some casinos allow payments in different currencies. This convenient feature allows you to bet in more than one currency. It is especially suitable for those dealing with multiple kinds of currencies and those who often travel. 

How do withdrawals work?

One of the most important things you need to pay attention to when playing real money online casino games is the withdrawal process. To cash in on their wins, players need to initiate the withdrawal process, wait for the casino to verify the cash-out request, and then transfer the funds to the player’s bank account.   

The process may take anything from a couple of hours to several business days. Bear in mind some online casinos enforce withdrawal limits. Therefore, before you choose an online casino, check its withdrawal requirements.

Winning Odds at Real Money Online Casinos

Can you really win money in Real Money Casinos?

The whole point of playing real money casino games is the chance of winning some cash and the thrill of betting. By offering different promotions, rewards, and bonuses, online casinos keep players on their websites. Every experienced player will use these rewards to maximize their winning potential and gaming bankroll.

How fair are online real money casinos and what is their Return to Player Percentage?

Once you start looking for a real money online casino, you want to find one you can trust. All respectable online casinos are licensed, while established rigid requirements ensure fair play. One of those requirements includes an advanced Random Number Generator and several other security features.

All types of games in online casinos are powered by the Random Number Generators (RNG). The exception is Live Dealer games hosted by real people. The purpose of RNGs is to imitate random outcomes. This software basically generates random, long sequences of numbers free of any predictability.

Some players are probably wondering if there is a way to rig it, and this is a valid question, especially if it’s coming from first-time players. Every secure online casino that respects its clients publishes the results of RNG software testing realized by third-party auditors. 

Another indicator of a casino’s fairness is the so-called Return To Player (RTP). The phrase is used to explain the amount of money that a casino game pays back to its customer. It’s presented as a percentage and calculated from gameplay over a long time. The winning customer’s RTP is a near 50% fold profit. 

Win Real Money in Online Casinos

How much money should you bring to a casino? 

There’s no such thing as an appropriate amount of money should you bring to a casino. The amount will depend on various factors. First, who much time you are planning to spend in a casino, what stakes you want to gamble at, and how much you can afford to lose. 

How much does the average person lose in a casino?

There’s no right answer to this question. People have different budgets for gaming. How much a person will lose in a casino depends on their experience, knowledge, and the type of the game they play. There’s a saying all the players should remember, especially the new ones; it goes like this ”Never bet what you can’t afford to lose.”

Online Real Money Casino Safety

How to choose a safe Real Money Online Casino?

If you are a beginner, make sure to find a casino that’s reputable and safe. One of the best ways to check if an online casino is worth your time is to read reviews. Look for other players’ experiences. Also, a reliable online casino is licensed and transparent about its essential details. 

Every successful real money online casino offers tempting bonuses and promotions. Rewards keep people motivated, so if you want to confirm an online casino is safe, find about its approach to bonuses and rewards. 

Find out what banking methods an online casino uses. Aside from depositing, you need to think about the best way to withdraw money. Don’t forget, it is crucial to read the terms and conditions of payments.

Are my account details safe?

An adequate Privacy Policy is of the utmost importance to all reputable online casinos. A Privacy Policy must ensure the following — ”The personal and financial information players provide during registration will not be shared with unauthorized third parties, especially not for spam and marketing.” 

What are the blacklisted Real Money Casinos and how to spot them?

Blacklisted online casinos are gambling establishments founded with just one purpose — to scam people. Operators that run them hide under internet anonymity and use different means to attract new players. Some of the most common challenges of Blacklisted online casinos are an unclear license and payment issues, pirated software, and unbelievable — too good to be true — offers and bonuses.