Chess as a Casino Game

A favorite hobby of many, a profession of some, chess is a game that has conquered the world a long, long time ago. And those long afternoons spent playing chess with your parents and grandparents can finally pay off, as you can now play the game online from the comfort of your home, and earn real money. 

To make things easier for you, BestOddsSlots team gathered a few tips on how to play and where to look for online chess. Let’s dive in.

Chess Board and Figures

What is chess?

But let’s first define what chess is. 

If we should designate one board game as a game of skill, chess would be our first choice. Unlike any real casino table game, like for example poker, the percentage of luck is reduced to almost 0%. In fact, chess is even not a game you would typically find in a casino. It is more of a competitive board game, where your skill and strategy are crucial and decisive for victory. 

This is an abstract one-on-one strategy game – many compare with the art of warfare – played on a 64 spaced square board where the only information hidden is the opponent’s next move. It can be played anywhere – at home, in a park, in clubs, online, in tournaments, or by correspondence. And, yes, even if it’s not a typical real money casino game, it is possible to earn a good amount of money playing it. According to Natalia Pogonina, a famous Russian chess player holding the FIDE title of Woman Grandsmaster (WGM), the best chess players in the world can earn all the way from $100,000 to $1 million dollars per year. 

Therefore, with the development of the Internet, many online casino providers recognized the potential of playing chess for real money.

Short History of Chess

The game could be traced back around 1500 years, but who was the game’s creator? It’s hard to tell… It is believed that its earliest predecessor originated in the 7th century (AD) India, from where the game spread to Persia and the rest of the continent. And when the Arabs conquered Persia (7th century AD), they spread the game further to Southern Europe. It soon became the favorite spare time to many nations, gaining a lot of popularity and respect in the modern era. 

Chess also saw many changes until the 1880s’ where it went through its Romantic era, where quick tactical maneuvers, instead of long-term strategic planning were emphasized. This was also a period when the first official World Chess Championship was hosted (1886) in the US. Two leading players in the world, Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort clashed in the deciding match, where Steinitz emerged victorious. 

The 20th century, when databases and chess engines were invented, was the time of the big chess revolution. And digitalization of the game, and its transition to the online realm in the new era, only added up to this process. Just imagine traveling back in time, and trying to explain to the 7th century European or Asian player that you can now use a machine to play chess with anyone in the world without actually meeting them in person. Sounds crazy, right?

Chess Pieces

Historical Myths and Legends

There is one famous legend about the Shahram, a tyrannical king of India, and a wise man who lived in his kingdom. By inventing chess, this wise man managed to convince the king how important each resident is. Shahram liked the game so much that he ordered everyone in his kingdom must play it.

The other legend, however, comes from China, stating that Chess was invented much earlier, in 200 B.C. in China by a Hán Xin, a commander who used the game to depict a certain battle. Soon after the battle, the game has fallen into oblivion, only to come back to life in the 7th century A.D. To sum it up, according to this legend, chess started its travel not in India, but in China, only to spread to India and Persia later on, and the rest is history.

Chess Basics

Well, we will not lie – learning chess is actually not that simple. You can learn the rules easily, but mastering them is where you will face most of the issues. So, what are the basics?

Chess is a two-player face-off depicted in a board game on a 8×8 dark-and-white chessboard, using sixteen pieces of six types (king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, pawn) – each moving in a distinct way. Your main goal is to checkmate the other player’s king, but the game can also have other endings, like resignation or a draw.

The initial setup is always the same, and it’s the following (following the outside-in order): 

  • The rooks are placed on the right and left edge on the outside corners.
  • The knights are always immediately inside the rooks.
  • The bishops are placed right after the knights.
  • The queen is placed on the central square of the same color: white queen on the white square and black on the black.
  • The king is placed on the vacant spot right next to the queen.
  • The pawns are placed on squares in front of all other pieces.

And the moving directions for every type is the following: 

  • Rooks can only move vertically or horizontally as many squares as you wish, without the ability to jump over other pieces. 
  • Knights have a unique movement, forming an ‘L’ or ‘7’ shape – they can move two squares in one direction plus one square in the other (e.g. 2 vertical + 1 horizontal). 
  • Bishops move in any diagonal direction in any number of vacant squares. 
  • Queen is one of the best since it can move in any direction in any number of vacant squares. 
  • Pawns are the weakest pieces and the first under fire with a kind of tricky movement. First, they can’t move backward. Second, their first move can count 1 or 2 vacant squares, while their every next step is only one square forward. And third, they are the only ones to have a different capture from movement – they can capture the opponent’s piece on either of the two diagonal squares, while they can’t move in that direction.

And the least, but the most important, the king can move only one square in any direction.

Chess as a Real Money Game

As we already mentioned, chess is not a game you will find in a land-based casino, as it is 0% based on luck. The online casino industry, however, recognized its potential and found a way to convert it into a gambling game where you can earn real money. 

And if you are wondering how to play chess online for real money, you will be more than happy to know that there are many online chess casinos you can join. Some of the most popular are Chess Cube,, Chess Club (ICC), or MBC Chess. 

Some of these websites will allow you to play chess against the real opponent for real money, while some will give you the chance to play the game for free and develop your strategy before you indulge in competing against others. 

However, if you still don’t want to visit a casino to play chess, you can earn money by participating in a big-money tournament, or place a wager on the outcome of the private game. Either way, let the fun begin.

Understanding the Risks

Chess is a favorite pastime of many and a really good brain-teaser. It makes you learn how to think ahead, guess and predict the opponent’s move, and develop logical thinking. Within a limited framework, your goal is to outsmart your rival in interesting and unexpected ways. It sometimes resembles real life. That’s why it got huge popularity over the centuries. 

Being so popular in the online realm, it is important to note that although playing real money chess online is great fun, it’s not without its share of risks, as there is nothing that can stop players from cheating. 

Unlike in the real-life match, when confronting online, players can use tools like, for example, Chessmaster that can read your moves, and give your opponent the best response. This way, you will actually play against the robot, and not the actual human. Remember, like with any real-money casino game, you should always be selective when choosing your online corner.

However, don’t let this discourage you. If mastering chess is your dream, make sure to follow it. The only thing to be aware of is the potential risks you can face in the online game. Good luck!

Black Chess Pieces