Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Online Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments have become very popular in recent years, not only in their land-based form but more and more so in their online form as well. But what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of playing at an online slot tournament? In order to get that straighten out our Best Odds Slots team of gambling aficionados compiled this list for you.

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  • Availability
  • Good learning opportunity
  • Better chance of winning
  • More spins for your money

Online Slot Tournaments are just more available than their land-based counterparts. Many online casinos offer several tournaments. As, unlike the tournaments that are held only on certain dates as in Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, or Eldorado Casino, these competitions take place both day and night, you will always have a chance to take part in such a kind of event. 

The cost of entering most online slot tournaments is quite low, and there are even tournaments that are free to enter. This means you have an opportunity to play Avalon, Thunderstruck, The Dark Knight Slots, Anchorman, and other popular slot games, for free or just for a single entry fee. A very cost-effective opportunity to learn the games without risking big sums of cash.

When we say you have a better chance of winning, this is what we mean. The odds of winning a $1,000 with a standard online slot may be somewhere in the region of 100,000-to-1. Compare that to a tournament where the main prize is $1,000 and it’s highly unlikely that 100,000 players will join. This means that the odds of winning the same $1,000 are much higher for those taking part in the tournament.

And simply put, you get more spins for your money, which adds more to your chances of winning.


  • You must play quickly so get ready for the adrenaline rush.
  • When you hit a jackpot you don’t get to keep the win.
  • Playing exclusively with the slots the hosts provide.

Getting excited while playing is not really a disadvantage. It’s only that, for some, the experience can be not so relaxing. You need to play as quickly and as aggressively as you possibly can because in most cases the winner is the one who stacks up the highest number of points in a certain time. So depending if you are keen on the adrenaline you will either like the game or not. 

The wins you make during a tournament are only used to determine your position on the list of winners. It can be a bit frustrating to hit the top jackpot on a machine that may have paid you $10,000 and then to not get to actually keep it. But hitting a jackpot in the tournament usually means some amount of money is coming your way.

Participating in online slot tournaments means playing exclusively with the slots the hosts provide. This means that it’s possible that you will not be able to play the slots you usually do and like the most. You are stuck with what they give you until the tournament is over.


All in all, it is quite clear that online slot tournaments are worth your time. The biggest advantage is on your side: better chance of winning (we would double bold this if we could). Just make sure that a specific tournament is right for you and that the slots types and prizes suit you before you sign up. Good luck!