Online Casino Tools That Help You Win The Game

No matter if you are into games like Roulette or online slots, or yet you prefer testing your skills in Poker, you can always use tools to increase your overall online casino experience. Although BestOddsSlots always advise stretching your brain capacity and learning as much as you can by yourself, just think how much time you can save on endless calculations before and during the game. Since they can help you approach your gaming strategy in a totally different manner, these tools are great nice-to-haves in the gambling environment. 

Lean back and read this quick guide on what online gadgets to search for online and include into your gambling gear. Let’s start.

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Online Slot Tools

You wonder how to decide what is the best slot game on the market? You always look for the effective ways to compare them before you make the final choice? Thanks to the internet, now everything is possible. Using tools like Slot Comparer, you can contrast online slots on their features. 

All you need to do is to decide what kind of game you would like to play, what kind of features you would like to encounter, what RTP and volatility would work for you, and so on. The tool can also help you find similar games to the one you originally wanted. In our opinion, this is a really nice shortcut in your everyday search.

Casino Bonus Calculators

Yes, we know the internet is STACKED with online casino bonuses. And, yes they WILL try to pull you in with their high match percentages and flashy amounts of cash promised. While some bonuses truly are great picks and really can grant a better experience, for a player it can get a bit complicated to differentiate between the two. This can get pretty tough for newbies, but even those much more experienced are not spared. 

Even the biggest experts rely on calculators to decide if the bonus is worth trying. These tools are easily found online, and usually are free for everyone. To use it, you need to know your deposit amount, bonus percentage, and limit, as well as the wagering percentage in a game. 

But don’t stop there. All bonuses differ, and besides calculators, you also need to learn all the terms and conditions for the particular bonus before you start playing! You need to know if the bonus is tied to deposit or not, how free spins are credited, is there any limit for withdrawals, how many times you need to play before you are able to take your winnings back, and so on. Combining the two, you are opening yourself the doors to success.

Online Blackjack Tools 

Blackjack is that one solo game that has just the right luck-skill balance. No surprise it’s considered one of the most popular games among the players, and a classic often depicted in movies. Here are some of the most useful tools to help you better your performance.

  • Blackjack Card counters. We all heard of the famous blackjack winner stories like MIT Blackjack Team of math students that taught themselves counting cards, developed great strategies, and went down to Atlantic City to reap the best prizes. Even though it sounds super easy, and there are many guides to help you learn the skill, there are always tools for those that are playing it more casually. Tools like online card counters will keep track of cards that passed and will advise you on the next moves you should make. 
  • Odds calculators. This is one of the most popular tools among players. Its function is very simple – depending on various factors, it tells you the house edge in a current blackjack game. You need to fill in how many decks are in play if a dealer always wins or not, if the dealer hits or stands on 17 if there are limitations on splitting or doubling down, if the late surrender is possible, and if the blackjack pays 6:5 or 3:2. These calculators are usually free to use, and they can tell you exactly what your winning odds are. 
  • Winning Trackers or session trackers. A very useful tool, not only for blackjack but for other casino games as well. This tool records how successful you are over time. It keeps track of how much money you invest, win, and lose. It’s usually a tool many of us need, not only to improve our strategies but also to know when to stop for a day. 

Strategy trainers and practice softwares. There are many softwares and guides that can help you learn and improve your blackjack strategy. Using these tools before you start the actual live blackjack game, you will learn basic rules, and get the chance to practice them for free.

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Poker Trainers

Oh yes, who wouldn’t like to be a poker master. In our team, we easily admit that when we enter a Poker game, we imagine we are Justin Bonomo, or Daniel Negreanu, or maybe Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Back in the days, we used to rely on the good old saying ‘fake it until you make it’, hoping that one day we’ll become like our idols. Today, we know that in order to become as successful as aforementioned, you need to start some serious practice. 

Therefore, some companies came up with simple online poker trainers that can help every-level player to go through any situation possible. Some tools even offer prepared strategies for different situations and games and can really help you save your time. With them, you can brush up your skills and get ready to enter a real money game.

In this article, we covered some great tools you can use to upgrade your gambling time. From odds calculators to strategy trainers, all of them can serve to enhance your casino performance. Enjoy.