Tips And Tricks To Play Live Roulette Online

Live Roulette Online

Until very recently, one of the biggest limitations of the online casino was not being able to play live roulette or other table games. Fortunately, this has changed and now all lovers of roulette, blackjack, or poker have the possibility to have fun playing live with the presence of a dealer directing the game in real-time, in addition to doing it simultaneously with other participants.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the best casinos in Las Vegas or the exclusive casinos of Monte Carlo and Cannes without leaving home, just with an internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or tablet. To make your gaming experience successful and fun, we are going to explain everything you need to know to enter the exciting world of roulette in the live casino.

French Cassiopeia Roulette

This roulette modality has a real croupier and a table available for all those who want to join the game. The rules governing the game are those of French Roulette, and you can benefit from the Partage, the exclusive rule of this variant by which you will receive half of the bet when the ball stops on the number zero even if your prediction is not a winner. You can bet internally on 37 numbers, but you can also place external or other special bets.

Casiopea Roulette

With a live dealer and a real table where many players gather, Casiopea Roulette is another fantastic live roulette version with an online croupier. Here you can place a lot of different bets and even access detailed statistics of the latest results. Interacting with other live players is another great feature of Casiopea, whose rules are those of European Roulette.

Quantum Automatic

This is one of the most successful live online roulettes. In Quantum Automatic you will not find the figure of the live dealer, but it is played live with an automated wheel that launches the ball by means of a compressed air mechanism. In this game inspired by the European Roulette, you have 37 numbers of red or black colors and a single zero. The great novelty is the random multipliers that can increase your prizes in a big way.

Quantum Roulette

With Quantum multipliers that improve the prize by up to x500 and an incredibly futuristic design, this live roulette has become the queen of the casino by its own merits. An online dealer will guide you through the rounds and the impressive sound effects will give your game much more exciting. Bet with the same rules as in European Roulette and discover a new way to have fun with this classic casino game. At the end of the game time, the multipliers will be revealed and the results will be revealed.

Express Roulette

In this exciting fast-paced version, the same rules come into play as in European Roulette. A live dealer runs the session while you make your predictions on any of the 37 numbers on the board. You can bet on a single number or a group to cover as much of the table as possible. In addition, there is a chat feature to communicate with any of the players present at Express Roulette live.

Slingshot Roulette

All the excitement of the popular casino game, but with a frenetic pace. Slingshot Roulette, being automated, allows you to participate with up to 100 spins per hour whenever you want. The bets are based on the European roulette model, however, there is no live dealer. You will also be able to interact in real-time with the rest of the players and consult the statistics if you wish. The multiple-screen view option will allow you to choose between different perspectives so that you do not lose any detail of what is happening in the game.

What strategy should you use to play live roulette?

Once again, we take this opportunity to remind you that, in the casino, as in any other game, there are no infallible strategies or systems that will always allow you to win. Before starting your session you should keep in mind that the results of online casino roulette are completely random, being regulated by official bodies that guarantee the legality and transparency in each of the rounds that you can enjoy. That said, you should know that there are different methods that will allow you to have control over your bets and, together with the self-control measures, will allow you to opt for certain objectives. Here are some useful tips that will be of great help to you when playing live roulette at the live casino.

Always bet on the same numbers

This is a simple strategy based on statistics. Always play with the same numbers, since, as a matter of statistics, they will have to appear at some point. If you put this advice into practice, do it with small bets, for example, 1,00 €. In this way, if the ball stops on your number at the twentieth time, you will win €35.00 for the €19.00 you had lost so far, generating a net profit of €16.00. Here, consistency is the key.

Use the strategy that suits you best

In roulette, there are several methods to follow through the repetition of spins. Study them and check which of them best suits your needs or profile. The Martingale, the Paroli system, or the d’Alembert are some of the most popular strategies.

Analyze statistics and results

Study in detail which are the most repeated numbers in previous roulette results. Use your observation and analysis skills by looking for data related to physical casinos. Playing with live roulette will be the most similar and the behavior of these is the same as any of the ones you can find in these leisure establishments.

Always set time and spending limits

Setting limits is the most effective option to control possible losses and, in case of a bad streak, not to damage your pocket. In the same way, you can limit the time you spend on live roulette by setting the maximum period you will play, thus avoiding addictive behaviors and putting into practice measures that guarantee responsible gambling.

Now you know everything about our live casino and live roulette. So, take your pick of the games, develop strategies, and good luck!