Save the Gotham From Evil: The Dark Knight Online Slots by Playtech – Review

  • Story: The Dark Knight (2008) film by Christopher Nolan
  • Type: Video Slots
  • Features: 4 Progressive Jackpots, 6 reels, 50 pay line, 3 free spins, 2 respins
  • RTP: 95.96%
  • Bet: 0.2USD to 50USD
  • Available on: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Provider: Microgaming (2012-2018); since 2018 Playtech.
  • Year of release: first time in 2012 by Microgaming; the second release in 2018 by Playtech.

Big DC  and Batman fan? Then you will go on an immense adventure with the Dark Knight Online Slots powered by Playtech. This most picked gothic DC Comic Slot with 95.96% RTP, 4 Progressive Jackpots, and other awesome qualities is something our BestOddsSlots team always returns to. Let’s take a look at its best features. 

The Dark Knight Slots Story and Gameplay

Back in 2008, The Dark Knight was the movie that ignited the audience. We remember people citing the most popular Joker’s quote: “Why so serious?”. Many of us couldn’t wait for the movie release in the cinema, and many called it the greatest movie of all time. Years after, it still drives the same passion. 

Who would say that only 4 years after the premiere, Microgaming would be the first to launch the movie-based online casino game in 2012 that will make all DC fans gather around The Dark Knight online slots? 

And yes, Microgaming started the fire, but only after Playtech bought the license in 2018 we saw the game’s full flourishing. Now players can enjoy its great improved features, awesome creepy design filled with movie characters, and get the chance to win huge payouts.

How to Play in the Dark Streets Of Gotham 

In the menacing Gotham City, the Dark Knight needs your help. You will help him defend the streets from evil by winning the game. You will enter the iconic Joker vs. Batman fights where either one of them will win and bring you really big cash prizes. All you need to do is to start spinning and wait for the right symbols to line up.

Gothic Design and Amazing Features

We dig games that can bring the best out of the gameplay not only with its stunning graphics but also with the features. 

What first catches the eye and distinguishes The Dark Knight online slots among many others is its dope animation, soundtracks, and graphics. For this sake, this is one of our most favorite options we gladly recommend both to beginners and experienced spinners.

In addition to this, reel symbols consist of 4 high-paying characters (Jim Gordon, Two-Face, Rachel Dawes, and Bruce Wayne), together with Joker and Batman (that also appear as stacks) and low-paying Ace, King, and Queen playing cards. There is also a Bat as a wild symbol.

To be concise, what we like the most about these slots is the following:

  • Creepy Gotham City atmosphere and awesome features.
  • Bunch of Respins, Free Games, Jackpots

How to Open Respins, Free Games, and Jackpots

As with every slot machine, rules are straightforward; you just need a pinch of luck to see great bonuses and prizes rolling your way. This is how.

Unveiling the Free Games World

  • Gotham Free Games are very good. They start any time Batman shows up on 2 and 3, and Joker on 4 and 5 at the same time. You will get 7 spins, Batman becomes a ‘wild’, and locks in place, while Joker comes in super-sized format to grant more winnings. With this free game, you are in for huge prizes. 
  • When you see The Joker Bonus on 4 or 5 at the same time, you will unlock The Agent Of Chaos Free Games and receive 7 free spins where The Joker will help you get even more wins. 

  • The Dark Knight Free Games: Any time Batman Bonus appears on reels 2 and 4, you will receive 7 free spins.

Unlocking the Respins

You will see 2 respins in this game where you will indulge in the coin-flipping Joker vs. Batman battle where getting one of the sides decides what happens next. In both, you will get up to 7 chances to spin. You will enter The Batman Respins any time Batman lines up stacked on reel 1. In this case, if you get Batman’s side on the coin, you will get the chance to toss the coin again with more odds of winning, while Joker will end the feature. On the other side, if you see the Joker lining up stacked on reel 6, you are in for The Joker Respins, when the Joker symbol is the one that continues the feature.

Last but Not Least – Progressive Jackpots

In conclusion, we want to mention what we probably love the most about the game – 4 Progressive Jackpots. You can pick from 20 icons and reveal 1 of 4 symbols with prizes that range from smaller to really exciting ones. This is the feature that sets you up with a truly stimulating game and is one of the reasons we love Playtech’s The Dark Knight Online Slots so much. Enjoy.